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Since 2004, Money101 has been empowering people to make better financial decisions through our wellbeing programs and education content.

We provide jargon-free education and engagement tools for your organisation. Over two decades, we’ve built an extensive library of interactive learning modules that can be licensed or customised to your business’ needs and branding. Our FinancialWellbeing101 program is the ultimate talent acquisition, retention and risk management tool to provide support for employees.
At Money101, we build content that empowers people to take control of their finances and plan for a secure future, while learning in a way that’s interactive, informative and fun.

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Our Team


Catherine Birchall

Catherine is the Founder of Money101. Having pioneered the development of digital financial education content in Australia in the early 2000s, she founded Money101 in 2004. Catherine remains a passionate evangelist for financial wellbeing and education.


Andrew MacNiven

Andrew is Money101's CEO. Andrew joined Money101 in 2021, having accumulated a wealth of experience across a number of sectors including media, law, not-for-profits and government. He is dedicated to developing high-quality financial education for Money101's clients.

Multimedia Developer and Designer

Fiona Williams

Fiona is Money101's Multimedia Developer and Designer. Fiona has been an integral part of the Money101 team since 2015. She designs and builds our amazing interactive learning modules and web content, in addition to being a skilled writer and editor.

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