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Who is Money101?

Money101 is a team of instructional designers, developers, graphic designers, digital strategists, and subject matter experts. We have grown since first partnering with ASIC in 2004 to build better financial education for employers, financial institutions and their employees, members and clients.

What does Money101 do?

Money101 designs, develops and builds interactive financial education modules. We also provide products to support their delivery, including specially tailored microsites and an extensive resource engagement library.

What is a module?

A module is an online learning piece. It’s a bit like a unit in a course curriculum: one single topic, idea or skill at a time. Users can learn at their own pace.

What is non-product financial education?

‘Non-product’ means not pushing particular financial products or product providers. We talk about classes of financial products, such as stocks, mutual funds, credit cards and mortgages, but we don’t talk about products offered by particular providers. You can learn without any sales bias.

Is the content accredited?

Our Money101 educational content is not the same as ‘nationally recognised training’ like formal certificates or diplomas. This is because ‘accredited’ training standards don’t really match up with what people need in the way of financial education. Nationally recognised training is designed to get people ready to do particular jobs; Money101 is designed to get people ready to handle their money, and make financial decisions in everyday life.

Does it have Australian content?

All Money101 content has been produced by Australian subject matter experts and writers, specifically for Australian audiences. This means that it’s factually accurate in terms of tax rules, financial services regulations and more. That said, we’re happy to develop bespoke content for an international or country-specific audience.

Why don’t you offer financial advice?

Money101 is strictly education only – never advice. Money101 is non-product-based, and as such is a great way to start on your financial journey. What you learn will enable you to make informed and confident decisions. Education will give you a better understanding of financial concepts before you engage with a professional financial adviser, if you choose to do so.


Who will benefit from Money101 jargon-free education?

Money101 education is designed to suit learners from a variety of backgrounds and learning styles. Everything from the reading level of the text to the style of the graphics and animation is optimised for easy comprehension.

Financial knowledge and capability is an essential life skill; everybody has to manage their own finances and deal with money on a daily basis. At Money101, we envision an Australia where everyone is empowered to make better financial decisions.

Who has used the content?

We’re proud to say our content has been used by a huge variety of organisations, from banks and super funds to government organisations and household-name corporations to not-for-profits and charities.

Is this content for staff, members or for customers?

Our content is for everyone! Money101 can help an organisation’s staff improve their financial wellbeing, leading to greater productivity, lower stress levels and more.

Our content can help establish super funds and financial institutions as providers of choice by adding value to their offerings, as well as setting up clients to be smarter and more engaged consumers.

If you’re looking at helping a particular demographic amongst your people, we have a range of suitable units. We can put together a personalised package or develop bespoke content that meets your business objectives.

How do I know which modules will benefit my employees or customers?

Take a look at your existing data. Think about the demographics of your employees or customers: gender, age, life stage, etc. For example, the choices for a fashion retail business with lots of younger employees might be very different to that of a financial advisory firm, where the average age may be much closer to retirement.

The best way to tell which units will benefit your people is to put them to the test. If you choose the hosted microsite option, we can use analytics to help work out which are the most popular units amongst your users.

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