We could talk ‘til we’re blue in the face about what we do. But we find that the best way to understand what we can do for you is to show you.

After all, the proof is in the pudding!

Here are a few of the financial education and member engagement projects we’ve had the privilege of working on with our clients. Some of these modules and sites are available to the public, meaning you’ll be able to have a good sticky beak and see what you like about them. Others are password protected, but you’ll be able to get an idea of the look and feel of the modules, as well as how well they suit their client engagement and member engagement programs.

Microsites filled with modules

Qantas Super

Qantas Super is super proud of their Super Fit microsite. Not only does it contain 20 fully customised modules that reflect the needs and interests of their members. It’s also helped give them a brand identity of their own.

IMB Bank

IMB kickstarted their way into financial education with their Kickstart microsite earlier this year. With their funky branding, their modules are tailored for their millennial client base and covers all the basic things they need to know about their money.

Australian Super

AustralianSuper’s microsite has been one of our top-performing sites, with thousands of page views per month. Their modules have been fully customised and make great use of their branding assets, icons and bright colours.


HESTA’s microsite is all about financial health, with their modules housed under topics such as managing ‘family finances’ and ‘preparing for life after work’. From aged care to wellbeing, HESTA ticks all the boxes for their members.


QSuper has been with us for many years. Their FinFit microsite has been a major success story and boasts countless site hits and module launches every month. Their 26 module offering aims at topics such as money matters, families and professional development.


We all know the Bunnings snag, but did you know that Bunnings also offers financial education to their staff? One of our few trans-tasman clients, Bunnings caters to both Australian and New Zealand audiences through two microsites, so they always get the information that is relevant to them.


Combined Super

Combined Super takes a conventional approach to financial education. With a beautifully simple layout and well-branded design to make their modules streamline from Buying your first home to Social security.

MOVE bank

MOVE bank (formerly Railways Credit Union), chooses to host their branded content in their own personal MoneyHub. Their 20 module range helps their members to build more stable financial futures.


One of the newest to the Money101 family, IOOF is all about helping their customers gain financial independence. Their fully branded modules cover a wide range of life stages, such as leaving home, returning to work after a baby, downsizing, and getting a fur baby.

Customised work

ME Bank

The ed program is designed to help anyone and everyone with the basics of money management. The combination of video, graphics, audio and case studies helps give ed its own identity. The unique humour sets it firmly in place within the ME bank family.


ASIC’s First Business App is a move away from the tradition module format. The app functions like a checklist for people thinking of starting their own business and is a handy resource to help you understand the process, and to keep you on track.


ASFA is setting about creating a wide range of financial programs, such as super foundations, RG146 and certification offerings. Their extensive content covers a huge range of super and financial topics, exclusively for ASFA members.


Benestar’s wellness program provides their customers with a range of self-guided learning tools, through content that has been fully customised to have a more global audience. They also tackle some of the more difficult topics, such as family violence and suicide awareness.


Suncorp’s SunEducation program is part of a Suncorp broker’s accreditation process. The fully customised module helps new brokers get familiar with doing business the Suncorp way, through products, processes and policies.

These clients love our work too!

WA Super
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