Boost employee financial wellness in Australia with FinancialWellbeing101

Attract, retain, and support your staff with FinancialWellbeing101, a digital program designed to enhance the financial wellbeing of employees in Australia. Experience a vast library of exclusive Australian content, updated monthly, promoting employee financial wellness. Get unlimited access for your entire team to our unrivalled employee financial assistance program in Australia, starting at just $5,000.

Employee financial issues don’t stay at home

Research shows Australian employees spend hours per week worrying about money. Financial problems can impact team wellbeing, productivity and profitability in Australia. Now you can address this, with our FinancialWellbeing101 program.

FinancialWellbeing101 delivers a unique content library of over 90 interactive modules crafted by experts, plus regular articles, videos and more, providing extensive financial training for staff in Australia. With two decades of experience building Australian financial education content, Money101 has seen numerous organisations benefit from the improved employee engagement that our program promotes.

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Exclusive Australian content fostering employee financial wellbeing

Money101's Australian financial literacy courses explore a comprehensive range of money topics, promoting employee financial wellness. Our exclusive library of over 90 interactive modules keep users engaged and informed. Learn how to deal with debt, explore investment options responsibly, and understand the financial implications of life events such as marriage and home buying. Our Australian financial education courses cater for all people, regardless of life stage or economic circumstances.


Invest in your staff's financial wellness to reap the rewards

Employees have the knowledge and resources needed to effectively manage their finances, reducing distractions and enabling them to focus on work.

improved productivity

Financial stress is a prominent cause of absenteeism. Utilise FinancialWellbeing101, our comprehensive employee financial assistance program in Australia, to reduce stress and absenteeism.

Reduced stress and absenteeism

Offer valuable workplace benefits through our program, helping employees feel valued and appreciated, increasing employee satisfaction.

Better employee retention

Make your organisation more appealing to job seekers. In the current economic climate, job seekers value employers who prioritise employee financial wellness in Australia.

Attract top talent

Achieve cost savings in areas including healthcare, as financially secure employees are less likely to suffer from stress-related health problems or make compensation claims.

Cost savings

Case Study: Stanwell

We are able to meet our team's needs, wherever they are in their financial journey. There are employees experiencing life events such as moving out of home or getting married and having a baby, and the course is an invaluable asset to them. And it’s even been useful for those who are further along their career path, engaging with modules addressing transition to retirement and aged care. 

Peter Johnson, Manager People & Culture Services, Stanwell

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Affordable pricing options for employee financial wellness

Pricing for our financial training for staff in Australia is based on the number of employees in your organisation. For a single flat fee, an annual subscription gives your team access to the FinancialWellbeing101 platform.



+ GST per annum

  • 199 or fewer employees


+ GST per annum

  • 200 to 499 employees


+ GST per annum

  • 500 to 1,999 employees
Very Large


+ GST per annum

  • 2,000 to 3,999 employees

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  • 4,000 or more employees

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