Family Matters

Families face a different set of financial challenges than their single counterparts – quite often these require careful preparation. Our Family Matters topic takes a look at some of the financial considerations that families may need to make, whether for your own children, your children’s children, your parents, siblings, or extended family.

With Money101’s family finance tutorial for beginners, you’ll be learning how to navigate these challenges in a fun, engaging and convenient way.

Carefully curated family finance tutorials in Australia

Each of the Money101 modules listed below takes about 10 to 15 minutes to complete. Our team of educators, designers and technology experts work together to ensure the content is engaging, accessible and fun!

Create an inheritance

As a parent, it’s natural to want to give your kids every advantage possible. When you’re no longer around, this means leaving an inheritance. This module is all about creating an inheritance that will help look after your kids, grandkids and loved ones when you’re not around to do so.

Family finances

Managing your finances as a family is quite different to managing them as an individual. You and your partner need to come to agreements on various lifestyle decisions – even more so if you have children. This module discusses the basics of managing family finances, from the importance of a family budget and setting savings goals, to protecting your family with insurance and more.

Know your dependants

You know who depends on you financially on a day-to-day basis, but do you know how your financial dependants factor into your long-term financial plan? This module outlines who your dependants are from a legal perspective and how they affect your finances – from tax and superannuation death benefits, to social security payments and more.

Property settlement

Going through a separation or divorce can have a big impact on your wealth – it’s important to understand the property settlement process, so you can plan and get a fair outcome. This module contains general information only, so legal advice should be sought prior to making any decisions. We’ll cover what is divided up in the property settlement process, how to make a fair agreement, and the legal administration of your settlement.

Spouse super contributions

Making contributions into your spouse’s superannuation account not only helps to grow their super but could also make you eligible for a number of tax benefits. This module outlines the basics of spouse contributions and how they could benefit both you and your spouse.

Stop family violence

Family violence comes in many different forms. This module will help you understand what family violence is, to put you in a better position to help yourself or someone else. Warning: this module discusses material that could be emotionally distressing to some readers. It covers how to recognise the signs and symptoms, and what you can do to help someone experiencing family violence.

Teaching kids about money

We teach children a lot of important life lessons, but what about teaching them good money management habits? What do you wish you could tell your younger self about money? This module will show you how to make a start in teaching money management to your children.

Take advantage of Money101’s family finance tutorials in Australia

At Money101, we’re passionate about equipping Australians with the knowledge and confidence to make smart financial decisions about their family finances.

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