Financial Literacy for School Students

Do you ever look back and think, “I wish someone had taught me how to manage a credit card responsibly before I reached my twenties”? Or maybe you would have benefitted from knowing how to save for a mortgage, or do your taxes in a way that maximises your returns.

Everyone can benefit from gaining access to financial knowledge at a young age. Not only can we be better prepared for our financial future, but we can also learn to avoid the potential pitfalls of personal finance.

There’s a big difference between wealth and financial wellbeing. At Money101, we aim to give students the best start in adulthood, by providing digital financial education about tax, debt, insurance, investing, superannuation and other money management matters. Developing good money habits at a young age can prevent a lot of stress and hardship later in life.

Financial literacy courses for schools in Australia

Money101 provides digital financial literacy youth training materials that can seamlessly integrate with your school’s existing curriculum to help students build good money habits and prepare for financial independence as they move towards adulthood.

Our carefully constructed, easily digestible modules guide students through a comprehensive range of financial topics in a way that is jargon-free, product-free, and kept regularly updated.

Each Money101 module takes about 10 to 15 minutes to complete. Our team of educators, designers and technology experts work together to ensure the content is engaging, accessible and fun!

Take advantage of Money101’s financial literacy classes for youth in Australian schools

At Money101, we’re passionate about equipping Australians with the knowledge and confidence to make smart financial decisions in their teens, twenties, and throughout their lives into retirement. And the younger you can absorb this information, the better.

We’ve been crafting customised content for banks, super funds, corporates, financial advisers and countless other organisations for almost 20 years, always with an unwavering commitment to building financial wellbeing through tailored education solutions.

With proven experience, Money101 is the perfect companion to help your school deliver life-changing money management education to young people.

Learn about our financial literacy training courses, or browse our Money101 module catalogue for a detailed breakdown of the categories we cover. You can also learn more about how our financial education modules work, and how they’re delivered in a way that is convenient, reliable and affordable.

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