Life Happens – How To Prepare For A Baby On A Budget

A lot of things happen to us during our lives. We don’t always stop to think about how they impact our financial situation. But most things we do will have some form of financial impact. Our baby budget checklist explores some of the financial considerations related to life events we all go through, from babies (both the human and fur kind) all the way up to ‘til death do us part’.

With Money101’s “Life Happens” course, you’ll be learning about how people afford kids and similar scenarios in an easy and engaging way.

Each of the modules listed here takes between 10 and 15 minutes to complete. Our team of educators, designers and technology experts work together to ensure the content is engaging, accessible and fun!

After the honeymoon

First things first – congratulations on getting married! While the wedding bills might have stopped, you’ve got a whole financial future to look forward to with your new spouse. This module walks you through some of the first steps you might take to tackle and coordinate finances as a couple.

Couples and cash

One thing that’s almost guaranteed to cause a bit of tension in any relationship is money. Making the transition from just looking after yourself to working with a partner can be a challenge. This module highlights some of the possible issues and strategies when managing money as a couple, including differences in money personalities.

Fur babies

These days it’s safe to say that some pets are treated like children. It’s not uncommon for a pet (or ‘fur baby’) to be a stepping-stone to parenthood. This module outlines some of the financial elements of getting a pet, so you can feel confident that you can look after your fur baby without breaking the bank.

Getting married

Deciding to tie the knot is one of the most important and exciting choices you’ll make in life, but the average wedding can cost almost $40,000. It can be overwhelming, thinking about all the costs involved. This module shows you how to get organised, plan and budget for the wedding you want.

Growing your family

If you’ve already had one child, you may think adding another to the mix is a no-brainer. But growing your family from three to four (or more) can result in emotional, physical and financial changes. This module takes you through some things to consider when growing your family.

Having a baby – how do people afford kids?

Parenthood is an exciting time, but there’s also a lot to plan for before the baby’s arrival. It’s not just about having the essentials, but also about considering the financial changes that will occur. This module outlines the basics of planning for a baby financially and cover some things the baby books don’t.

Organising a funeral

There’s a lot to arrange while you’re grieving a loved one, and it can be an exhausting and emotional time. It’s a good idea to know the financial decisions you’ll have to make before you have to organise a funeral. This module provides an overview, to enable you to make more informed decisions about your loved one’s funeral.

Putting your kids through school

We all want the best for our children, and that includes their education. But the costs involved can cause financial stress for families. This module helps you plan and manage the costs of putting a child through primary, secondary and tertiary education.

Their wedding

Your child’s wedding is a huge milestone. Whether you’re traditional, religious or not, chances are you’ve been thinking about chipping in for their big day. This module provides an overview to help you work out what you can contribute to your child’s wedding and discuss budgets with them.

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