Women and Money

Did you know that Australian women retire with 47% less in their super than their male counterparts? This staggering statistic makes taking steps toward financial independence even more imperative for women.

Our Women and Money topic covers a wide range of women’s financial advice - everything from getting financially independent, super, returning to work; through to surviving financial abuse, separation and divorce, and death of a spouse. Money101’s financial guide for women helps you prepare for whatever may come your way.

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Each of the Money101 modules listed below takes approximately 10 to 15 minutes to complete. Our team of educators, designers and technology experts work together to ensure the content is engaging, accessible and fun!

Death of a Spouse

When your partner passes away, there’s a lot of things that will need to be addressed. It can be difficult, but it’s a good idea to get your head around the financial decisions you’ll have to make and the processes you’ll need to go through. This module will help you gain confidence in making informed decisions.

Getting Financially Independent

Women face different and unique financial challenges throughout the stages of their life – this means women might have difficulties amassing sufficient super for a comfortable retirement, which makes financial independence even more important. This module offers guidance for women on the road to financial independence.

Returning to Earning

Returning to work after the birth of a child can be incredibly daunting – juggling the emotional and financial implications is often a stressful and difficult process. This module discusses some of the challenges of returning to work and offers some tips to make the transition more manageable.

Separation and Divorce

Nobody enters into marriage thinking it will lead to divorce. Separating and getting divorced is an emotionally draining time and the financial implications can be enormous. This module will give you some guidance on how to make separation and divorce more manageable for you. 

Surviving Financial Abuse

Financial abuse (also known as economic abuse) is a form of domestic violence. It can leave women with insufficient financial resources to fulfill their basic needs. This module will help you to recognise financial abuse and learn how financial security empowers women.

Women and Super

Many people face an under-funded retirement because super hasn’t been around for their entire working lives. The concern is greater for women, because super is directly linked to participation in the workforce. This module discusses the issues faced by women and explores ways that women can boost retirement savings.

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At Money101, we’re passionate about equipping women with the knowledge and confidence to make smart financial decisions through every stage of their lives. With 20+ years’ experience creating tailored content for banks, super funds, corporates, financial advisers and countless other organisations, you can consider Money101 a reliable companion to help your customers, members or employees to achieve financial wellbeing in Australia.

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