Professional Development Tutorial

The skills you’ll learn as part of Money101’s professional development guide are skills you’ll hold onto for life. Our professional development tutorial covers skills from setting goals to problem solving, time management to team building, negotiating, and dealing with workplace conflict, as well as looking at managing and planning the financial aspects of starting on a new career path.

You’ll learn the answer to questions like “what is a professional growth plan?” and “what is professional learning?”. Each module takes approximately 10 to 15 minutes to complete, carefully curated by our team of educators, designers and technology experts to ensure the content is engaging, accessible and fun!

Career restart

People change careers for a number of different reasons and in many different ways. Most people will have more than one career in their working life, but it can be tough to start over. This module shows you how to manage and plan for the financial side of starting on a new career path.

Dealing with workplace conflict

Workplace conflict can cause great stress and anxiety. It can create an uncomfortable work environment, a disintegration of teamwork, and even lead to violence and resignations. This module discusses the different causes of disputes and offers some practical tips for resolving workplace conflict.

Managing your time

Managing time effectively is a huge challenge for most of us. When our busy schedules overwhelm us, we can be left feeling stressed. Effectively planning your time can help you keep on top of your workload and keep the stress at bay. This module offers top tips for managing your time better.

Negotiating skills

Negotiating isn’t just for lawyers and salespeople. Whether you’re forming a partnership or taking on a new contract, working on an internal project, or resolving an everyday conflict at work, negotiating skills are essential. This module will walk you through the basics of being a good negotiator.

Problem solving

Problem solving is having good processes and strategies that allow you to come up with effective solutions, without getting overwhelmed. This module outlines the basic steps for solving problems, to help you make well-reasoned decisions, come up with new solutions and solve problems effectively.

Setting goals and KPI’s

When you’ve got clear goals and good plans to reach them, you’re much more likely to be successful. This module is about how you define your goals so that everyone’s on the same page about what you’re aiming for, and your definition of success.

Team building success

Team building isn’t just something you do a couple of times a year at corporate social events. It’s a valuable professional skill that will help you work well with others and achieve your goals. This module walks through the steps you need to take to create effective teams in the workplace.

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Money101 is committed to equipping Australians with the know-how and the confidence to make smart decisions throughout their professional lives, whether just starting out in their careers or progressing towards retirement. With proven experience, Money101 is the ideal professional development guide for those looking to gain confidence in the workplace and throughout their careers in general.

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