and improve your bottom line…

It’s already hard enough trying to attract and retain the right team and boost the productivity and profitability of your team. Not to mention the pressure to stay under budget with your initiatives! When staff are stress-free and more confident about their finances, they’re more motivated and productive.

Our financial wellbeing program is a comprehensive online financial education suite. You can be assured that our content remains jargon-free and contains no personal financial advice. With a simple login, your team can learn how to manage their money during their lunch break, daily commute, or even at home; the world’s their oyster.

What’s included with a subscription?

  • 12 months access to the entire Financial Wellbeing online hub.
  • A starter pack to help you showcase the program to your team.
  • Communication calendar to help you promote the program to your team.
  • Quarterly management reports, anonymous of course, to protect your team’s privacy.

Benefits of the Money101 Financial wellbeing program


Our program breaks down complicated topics into bite-sized information minus the jargon. This means we remove all of the complicated language to make this information easy to understand. And as an added bonus, there’s no assessments or certificates.

Available anytime, anywhere

Our content is designed for desktop, and accessible on any device. And best of all, delivered online via the internet, wherever and whenever is most convenient for your team to engage.

Nothing is left out!

Wondering about the cost of owning a pet, how to get your debt under control, or what to do so you can retire sooner? It’s all covered. Our 110 learning modules cover 7 key life stages for easy browsing.


Not all our competitors can make this claim. Whether it’s loans, financial advice or selling off data – we do none of it! Our entire program is product-free. It’s about simple education so your team can make informed decisions about their money.

Quick and easy

We all know that everyone learns differently. We’ve designed our financial wellbeing program modules in easy to digest bites, taking no more than 10-15 minutes each. Or you can simply dive in to find the answer you’re looking for.


Some people might need to look at content aimed at more personal situations. They may not want discuss these openly (such as divorce, debt issues or mental health). Your team can look at this information, confident it will not get back to the boss.

It contains our expertise

We’ve been creating financial education since 2004 and worked with some of the biggest names in the finance industry. So we know what works. Education needs to engage, so our content is delivered with activities, quizzes and infographics. And we keep the content up-to-date.

No long set-up time

Once you’ve paid your subscription, there are no other hoops to jump through. You will receive your company username and password. Then you’re good to go!

We’re here to help your staff

Our chat feature helps answer any questions along the way. There’s also a feedback section to let us know what your team is experiencing, or what they want to know about. And with the handy resource section, the help they need is at hand.

The next frontier for employee engagement

Financial wellbeing isn’t just a buzzword. It’s a proven recipe for tackling financial stress and mental health issues in the workplace, with tangible benefits for both you and your team. If you’d like to see improvements like that in your organisation, then we’re ready to help you find them.

  • Show you care about your team: Get one step closer to becoming an employer of choice within your industry by adding a valuable tool to benefit your team.
  • Retain key people in your business: Provide value to attract and retain the right team. When your potential dream teamie is weighing up who to work for, they’ll be looking at the benefits you offer beyond competitive remuneration.
  • Boost productivity and morale: Financial education can boost productivity and revenue-per-employee, without increasing overtime costs. Help your team achieve better financial wellbeing, and improve your bottom line.

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Around 39% of Australian employees spend 2 or more hours per week at work thinking about their finances.

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