We create top-notch financial wellbeing programs

That’s the Money101 mission. But we’re about much more than that.

We create online financial wellbeing programs, to meet the needs of your team, members or clients. You can pick and choose to create your perfect program. From modules, and microsites to house them in, videos and audio, to an engagement library for extra content. We’ve even got games! So whatever you need, we’ve got it (or we’ll make it if we don’t).

Why do we offer so much jargon-free content? We want to create awesome things for you to help enable others. That way more and more people can be empowered to make smarter financial decisions, and improve their financial wellbeing.

Learning modules

Online financial education experiences that fit your needs to a T. Money101 has the capability to create online financial education modules that meet your business objectives.

A module is an online self-paced learning unit. Our well-crafted modules are structured as bite-sized units to guide users through each specific financial topic. Each Money101 module provides easy-paced learning, allowing the user to absorb the foundation of that topic within 10-15 minutes. We make engaging content that’s short, straight to the point and fun.

Individuals are different ages, genders and at different stages in their financial journey. We have developed our modules across 15 key topic areas and 7 life stages, so users can easily tailor their learning to best meet their individual needs and priorities.

Whether you’re looking for an affordable off-the-shelf solution that’s quick to roll out, or beautifully custom designed suite of programs with your own content, our team is here to make it happen.

Money101 modules

Hosted microsites

If you’ve got a strategic need to keep your financial education offering separate from the rest of your site, then we’ve got a handy solution. Our IT guru works with our designers and multimedia developers to create a smart little site that does what it says on the can – holds all your programs and modules, ready for your users to log in whenever. And they don’t look half bad too.

Engagement support

Ever find it difficult to get your clients, customers or employees psyched about new benefits? We’re here to lend a hand. Purchase a annual subscription to our library of engagement articles today. Your marketing, member services or HR teams can turn the content into snappy EDMs, printable posters, social media shareables, or any other format you choose. It’s all about making sure you get the best possible results from implementing Money101 in your organisation.

engagement support library
Money101 PowerPoint presentations

PowerPoint Presentations

Ideal for webinars and seminars

Seminars are a great way to facilitate dialogue, discussion, and confirm understanding. So, we’ve converted our modules into PowerPoint presentations. We use the same quality content but simplified for your audience and with presenter notes added, so it’s really easy to present. They can be used to give one-off comprehensive seminars that, coupled with the online learning modules we provide, are sure to get your people on the way to improving their financial wellbeing.


We’re a firm believer that activities are a great way to help users to retain more information. Plus they’re fun! So, we’ve taken this one step further and developed a range of stand-alone games. Test your knowledge of investing with Snakes and ladders. Discover your property know-how with Who wants to be a millionaire. Work your way through retirement via a race track. And more!

money101 games
Money101 videos


Money101 write, design and produce short animated videos to enhance your wellbeing program. Videos are a proven way to communicate broad concepts and emotive messages. Such as the power of super to shape your retirement lifestyle, as well as simple ideas like how super is invested.

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