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You’ve made your purchase, you’ve got your modules, now you need to do some promotion. You could spend hours writing blog posts and creating content, but that takes time. Why bother when, for a low annual subscription fee, we can do it for you?

That’s right, we’ve taken the hassle out of promoting your Money101 modules and made it as easy as one or two clicks. With full access to our comprehensive engagement library you never need to worry about promoting your modules again!

It’s full of great articles

Our engagement library is full of fantastic articles stuffed with important information. We cover a range of topics from the intricate details of superannuation to the financial pitfalls of getting a pet. Every article is carefully researched and written in a jargon-free, easy to read format, packaged with a high-resolution image. What’s even better is that we constantly add to our library every month, so there’s always something new to download and share.

It’s easy to use.

Login and click the ‘download’ button underneath each article. All the content in our library is unbranded, so you are welcome to change the image, title, fonts and colours etc. so you can make it look like they were put together by you and your organisation. Every article also has its own handy call to action to encourage your audience to get moving.

We’re also happy to customise them for you for a small additional fee too.

It’s great value

An annual subscription gives you full access to our entire library. There are no hidden costs or limits on how many articles you can download and share. At the end of your subscription, simply renew for another year. If you decide not to renew, you won’t lose any of your previously downloaded content.

With our comprehensive engagement library, we’ve taken the hassle out of promoting your Money101 modules. Why not enquire about getting access to our library today?

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