Interactive videos. PowerPoint presentations on the go. Online short courses. Our modules have been called a lot of things over the years.

And in a way, they’re a little bit of everything.

A module provides bite-sized information in just the right order to guide users through all of our financial topics. The idea behind this is to keep users intrigued enough that they want to learn more. We’ve been working in this industry since 2004, so we understand that everyday Australian’s struggle with money. And especially their hesitation to learn more. That’s why we create all of our products. By making content that’s short, straight to the point and fun, we (and you) can help to break down those barriers.

The user experience

Listen or read on screen.

Our content doesn’t enter on screen in time with audio. So, users can either sit back and listen or read ahead.


We use lots of different activities to break up the content and keep users engaged in the topic. These aren’t assignments, and no one will know your results.

Case studies and infographics.

Fun stories and real-life examples are a great tool to show how the rules of finance are applied.

Visually appealing.

We’ve chosen to step away from traditional online education. We’ve made our content colourful and fun through animations, icons and high-res images.

Streamlined structure.

Feel confident on a topic within 10 minutes. There’s no long-winded courses here. Just short and sharp information that looks good.

Multi-device friendly.

The swipe function enables our modules to be viewed on any device. Anywhere, anytime (just as long as there’s an internet connection).
money101 modules

And don’t forget, our financial education modules are:


Simplified content removes all of the complicated finance terminology.


We don’t provide financial advice, so we don’t provide any recommendations for banking or financial products.


Our content is updated constantly to ensure that all information is current and correct at all times.

Covering a range of financial topics.

How would you like them?

Modules are available off-the-shelf (money101 branded) or customised. Take a look.

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