and in to your organisation – simple as that

If you’re a busy education manager, marketing lead or HR boss, you don’t have time to mess about. We get it. That’s why we offer off-the-shelf online financial education solutions. It’s ready to go whenever you want it, and can be added to a pre-existing learning management system or website. We have 110 titles across 15 topics. These cover the basics adults both young and old need to master, so they can make confident, independent and informed financial decisions. Our modules are planned out according to national financial literacy competency standards, and are regularly updated to reflect legislative changes. In a nut shell, we’ve done all the grunt work for you.

off the shelf money101 modules
Transition to retirement - money101 off the shelf

Content that tailors to a diverse audience

Our off-the-shelf modules aren’t for any one niche area in particular. They’re suitable for a huge range of different learners, from teenagers just starting their first ‘proper’ jobs, to pre-retirees with a wealth of knowledge on anything but their personal finances.

Why choose off the shelf?

Off-the-shelf option is a great option if you’re not sure which topics will suit your needs. You can try a few out for 12 months, and then change any if required. It’s handy if you don’t want to associate your brand specifically with the content. This will allow your people to make their own decisions. It’s also cheap and quick to roll out.

But can we add our logo?

Of course! Take a look.

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