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At Money101, we believe everyone deserves to be empowered with the knowledge required to make better financial decisions. Our dedicated team of educators, designers and technology experts make this happen. How? By creating best-in-class digital financial education for organisations throughout Australia.

We’ve been serving corporates, banks, super funds, financial advisers and planners, insurers, government bodies and more with branded, custom education content for two decades. With proven experience, our team is ideally placed to partner with you on your path to better financial education outcomes.

Ongoing education is the most cost-effective way to help improve Australians’ financial fitness. You save your business the cost of traditional face-to-face training programs. We provide flexible, customisable financial literacy solutions that can be tailored to the needs of your business.


Why us?

In the nearly 20 years since Money101 was founded, we’ve achieved multiple milestones. Our founder, Catherine Birchall, helped create Australia’s first online financial learning modules in conjunction with the government in the early 2000s. Since then, we’ve built and refined a large library of over 110 digital financial education modules.

Money101 was the first financial education program aligned to competency standards for the Financial Literacy Foundation and ASIC. We’ve become Australia’s leading financial literacy experts, developing off-the-shelf and customised online programs that lead the industry.

Some of the solutions we’ve provided for clients include:

  • Teaching employees about novated leasing, employee share schemes and more.
  • Financial management software education.
  • Units for customers of major financial institution including super funds, banks, financial advisers and insurers.
  • Transforming old-school educational material into flexible and self-paced digital programs.

How do we do it?

We create awesome financial education content, using multimedia and interactivity to keep learners switched on. Our jargon-free courses give people valuable insight to managing their finances effectively. Each bite-sized module can be accessed on demand, anywhere, any time, and completed at the customer’s own pace.

It’s all wrapped up in a neat little package that can be integrated into your existing customer portal or hosted separately for your convenience. Learn more about what we do.

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